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Erogames Review

Eroges, aka Erogames, is one of the best online hubs for porn video games. If you haven't heard of it, you're missing out on a treasure trove of hot, explicit, interactive material that will get your blood pumping and your cock hard. The site boasts more free-to-play games and visual novel titles than you could shake a shitty dildo at.

Eroges mostly specializes in visual novels which, for those unaware, function like interactive comics with minimal gameplay. However, there are a few titles that function like your standard adventure, MMO and shoot 'em up games.

In this article, we've put together your ultimate guide to getting the most out of the Eroges collection. Head on over to the site now and see what all the fuss is about.

Checking out the Eroges Collection

There are both desktop and mobile games available on the Eroges site, and all are available to play in your website browser. You'll never have to download anything and access is always free. They've all got incredible graphics, plenty of mind-blowing porn scenes, and typical bubbly dialogue.

When you first hit up the Eroges site, you'll be overwhelmed by the number of adult games on offer. Now, while we know every gamer has different tastes, we've selected a few choice titles that should appeal to any hentai-loving guy out there. These are our favorite porn games from the Eroges collection.

Craving Quest

Of all the available games, this one's probably my favorite. Craving Quest is a hentai platform game and operates like an open-world RPG. Combined with a generous helping of big-tittied chicks, high-quality visuals, and a lot of skill-based combat, Craving Quest is a game for people who want a little challenge. There's a typical hentai story weaved into the game and there's enough adult material to please even the most hardened pervert.

Hentai Heroes

Another RPG game but one which is more click-based, Hentai Heroes is another popular browser title. In Hentai Heroes, you take on the role of a Japanese pimp and it's your job to collect women from the surrounding fantasy lands. There's plenty of RPG elements to keep your gaming skills sharp and there's enough explicit content to last a lifetime. This is usually the first game you'll see when you hit up the Eroges website because it's one of their most popular titles.

Gay Harem

All categories are covered over at Eroges, from visual comics to gay sex. Gay Harem is a click-based RPG that sees your character scour the lands for the hottest muscle guys and twinks you can find. Battle them in wild sex scenes, recruit them to your harem and then go out and pitch your team against other gay harems. It's crazy ridiculous, even by hentai standards, but it's one of the most outrageous games you'll ever play.

Nakadashi Banzai

Ever wanted to play a game based around creampies? Well, now you can, with Nakadashi Banzai. In this manga-inspired visual novel, you assume the role of a young guy who spends the majority of his time hunting for local women to cum inside. Now he's moved to a new city, and it's up to you to woo the characters back to your dorm room to give them a good creaming. It's not the most complex plot of all time, but it's damn good fun. It sounds pretty basic, but reserve your comments until you've played it.

How much does Eroges cost?

All of the games on the Eroges website are free to play. You will need to register with the site in order toget full access first, as well asand provide your credit card details to confirm you're of legal age. But playing the games themselves is completely free.

However, the majority of the games will include micro-transactions somewhere in there. These are sneakily hidden around both the games and the Eroges website, so keep your wits about you if you don't want to incur any costs.


Eroges has the biggest collection of erotic flash games anywhere on the internet.

While most games are hentai themed, the variation of genres is enough to keep anyone happy for a long time. RPG games, adventure games, point-and-click games, visual novels and more.

Most Ero Games involve some element of gameplay before the sex scenes kick in. All of the titles have interesting stories that keep the player immersed. It's not just an interactive porn site like some adult game platforms.

Sex scenes are usually always relevant to each individual story. They're not just thrown in there for the sake of attracting horny gamers.

The sex is also user-controlled in most of the titles. They're not just porn videos that you watch. You can control everything from the thrust of the cock to how much the tits wobble.

The artwork, models and rendering is all high quality. There's no clunky graphics to be found anywhere.

Every player has to provide credit card info to prove their age. That means you won't be sexting with underage people in the multiplayer titles.

Effort has been put into the individual stories. All of the plots are professionally written, with logical beginnings, middles and endings.

All titles can be played on your computer or tablet, and the majority them are available for mobile too.


The art styles can sometimes be very similar.

Since erotic games are banned on the Android and iOS app stores, you have to download them through the Eroges website.

Not everything is in English. Since most titles were originally written in the Japanese language, sometimes the English language translations are a little off. But it's only a minor thing, really.

Another minor thing that most people would overlook is that most of the adventure porn games take place in the same location, and that location is a fantasized version of Japan.

Something that might dissuade the hardcore gamers is that difficult levels are way downplayed. Most games are very easy to complete, and there's usually no penalty for dying.

Micro-transactions are hidden around the porn content and the Eroges website.

Should you try Eroges?

Yes, you should head over to the Eroges site right now and get lost in the RPGs, adventures and visual novels they have available. We guarantee that your dick will be worn down to the nub within a couple of hours.

If it's high-quality games, explicit content, and immersive visual comics, the Eroges website has everything you could ever want. Overall, the site gets a nearly perfect 4.5/5 stars.

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