redhead girl getting fucked in Nakadashi Banzai

Nakadashi Banzai

Creampie hentai babes in this visual novel.
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Review Pros

  • Great voice acting
  • Good dialogue
  • Great artwork

Review Cons

  • No real story
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Nakadashi Banzai Review

Nakadashi Banzai is a creampie-centric visual novel, and that's definitely a sentence I've never typed before. The game is uniquely Japanese, featuring minimal story but lots of hardcore sex. Perfect.

I've dug deep into this raunchy, explicit title to give you the only review you need. Here's our Nakadashi Banzai review.

First Impressions

Like all sex games, you have verify your age on the site before you can get going. Once that's all done, you're ready to dive in and see all of the erotic adventures that await you.

No hentai game is complete without an opening scene involve some naive, big-breasted anime girls. Nakadashi Banzai doesn't disappoint. Your character is introduced as a Japanese bachelor who has an obsession with cumming inside all of the women he can get his hands on, and he's on the hunt for more.

My first impressions were mediocre. There were some nice visuals and art, but very little to keep me hooked.

Nakadashi Banzai Gameplay

The game is a visual novel so all the gameplay really consists of is clicking through a series of choices. There's no real action or combat or anything like that.

The object of the game is to chase your "target girl" and talk her into bed so you can pie her. You'll need to use all of your cunning charm and guile to convince these girls to fuck you.

There are only three girls availablel Kozue Kaji (a married chick), Kotomi Shida, (a model with a boyfriend), and Erika Honda (a virgin secretary). You choose your target girl (one of these) and then try to score.

There are only three scenes in the game. The city, the hotel and the sky. That's it.

When you talk to these women, you have to select the right options to make them like you. For example, Erika is a virgin, so you have to play it coy and convince her you'll go easy on her. Meanwhile, Kozue is a married slut looking to cheat, so you can go all in with her.

All in all, that's really the entire game. There's no real plot as such, you just go round banging all the girls you can.

How much does Nakadashi Banzai Cost?

Nakadashi Banzai costs $14.99 to play in full.


Hentai games are always ridiculous and Nakadashi Banzai certainly fits that bill. It's ludicrous with the right amount of cheese. The developer has hit all of the dating sim tropes and Japanese aesthetics perfectly.

The voice acting is really good, even though it's all in Japanese. One thing that helped was the voice acting was filled with emotion, so even if you're from the US, you'll still be able to understand when a girl is upset, horny, pissed off, etc.

All of the dialogue is well-written, non-PC and quite witty. There's a hell of a lot of dialogue options available for every interaction too.

The backgrounds and nicely rendered, especially the city. It looks just like the quieter areas of Tokyo.

The artwork and score are both impressive. The artwork is your typical hentai grossness, featuring oversized tits, big veiny dicks and a lot of hardcore sex acts. It will no doubt please the hentai-loving community.

The game can be played entirely in your browser. It runs from the site. You'll need at least a Windows 7 OS on your PC to run it.

When all is said and done, there are two endings available. You only get the full ending by uncovering all of the dialogue options in the game.


The story is non-existent. There's nothing to keep you invested in this fictional world. It's just a series of un-connected events.

Only three girls and three backgrounds. Even by hentai video games standards, this is pretty small.

Like most visual novels, this game is exclusive to PC. If you don't have a PC, you can't play it. There's no mobile app version (unless you download an Android emulator for your PC).

Nakadashi Banzai is a very short game, but this could be a pro or a con depending on your preference. If you're a quick reader, you can probably finish it all in about 3 hours.

Should you play Nakadashi Banzai?

If you're on the hunt for a short game that will satisfy your hentai cravings, Nakadashi Banzai will do the job. It's a quick play, it's visually impressive and the voice acting is superb. If you can look past the lack of story and limited gameplay, any member of the hentai community will love this.

That said, there are plenty of other series of games out there which do what Bakadashi Banzai does and does it better. Even the developer, Umi Soft, has a bunch of better games than this.

That's my review. All in all, I'm giving Nakadashi Banzai 3/5 stars. Be sure to read our other reviews!

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Allie Carmel is not only a fan of anime, but a fan of videos games, and of course, a fan of porn. Aren't we all! She's found that hentai games combine all of her favorite things together perfectly, and focuses on reviewing those for Sex Games Report.
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