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Gay Harem

Build your harem of sexy guys in this hentai sex game.
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Review Pros

  • Free to play
  • Number of guys
  • Great artwork

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  • Basic sex scenes
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Gay Harem Review

There's a lot of porn games out there today, but very few which cater to the gay crowd. Fortunately, this Gay Harem game from Nutaku and Kinkoïd, released in 2018, is here to change things. Here's our review of this wholly unique game.

First Impressions

The game is a cocktail of Japanese culture, featuring elements of anime, hentai, manga and yaoi ("boy love"). After you create an account and login, you'll be taken to the home map screen. Here is where your adventure begins.

The premise of the game is simple: create the biggest harem of sexy guys, hunks and models so that you can battle other harems and steal their guys too. It's an entirely multiplayer game, so every time you face another harem, you're playing against a real person.

Gay Harem Gameplay

The game is mostly click based, except when you get into the battle scenes. The majority of the story is told through a little sidekick named Bunny who constantly tells you what's going on. You can turn this guy off in the options to create a higher difficult level.

You'll spend most of the game in the map screen choosing between a number of options: club, adventure, pachinko, or event.

Club is where you can purchase items to upgrade your team.

Pachinko is a slot-machine style game where you can spend ingame currency to acquire new guys.

Adventure is where you'll go out into the big wide world and fight against other harems.

Event is only available at specific times a year. These are usually seasonal like Halloween or Easter events where you can acquire event-only models.


The game is completely free to play, but there are microtransactions hidden through out the world. However, you don't have to purchase them if you don't want to.


A credit card is necessary in order to confirm your age. This keeps away the youngsters.

The number of guys you can acquire is staggering. There's somewhere in the region of 700 different guys for the hero to capture.

The story is as unique as you'll find in any porn game. It's probably the most ridiculous story I've ever encountered - and that's no easy feat in the world of sex games.

The manga-inspired artwork is visually striking. All of the finer details are present; veiny cocks, juicy tits. Nothing has been left to the imagination.

The characters all have unique looks about them. It's definitely not a copy and paste job. They all have quite interesting back stories too. For example, Gruntt is a dom who keeps twinks imprisoned. Edernas is a wizard who can make guy's pants fall off. Then there's major characters like the Dark Lord.

The dialogue is what you'd expect from a gay-centric Japanese title. Vulgar, straight to the point and lots of broken English.


The sex scenes aren't in motion. They're basically just pictures. This is a big downer for any fan of sex games, straight or gay.

The same music plays from start to finish. It doesn't change up when you enter new areas or begin battles.

Should You Play Gay Harem?

If you're a gay dude looking to indulge in some of the most explosive, kinky hentai scenes you'll find online, you'll love this Gay Harem game. Hell, you don't even have to be a gaming fan to enjoy it.

Even if you're not gay and you just want to play a funny game with a ridiculous story, Gay Harem provides quite the experience. It's not for everyone, that's for sure, but if you approach games like this with an open mind, you'll have a fun time.

I'm giving the game 3.5/5 Stars.

About the Author
Allie Carmel is not only a fan of anime, but a fan of videos games, and of course, a fan of porn. Aren't we all! She's found that hentai games combine all of her favorite things together perfectly, and focuses on reviewing those for Sex Games Report.
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