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Craving Quest

Fuck anime babes in this RPG sex game.
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Review Pros

  • Stunning graphics
  • Great gameplay
  • Good sex scenes

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  • Soft background music
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Craving Quest Review

Over at the Erogames site, you'll find a ton of hentai games that offer instant gratification, great gameplay and a shit ton of hot sex.

One such hentai game is Craving Quest. This is an RPG game that combines all the trappings of the fantasy genre with a generous helping of naked girls and massive tits.

For many players, this is a dream come true. But how does Craving Quest stack up in other areas. Gameplay? Graphics? Immersion? Ditch the porn sites and let's find out together. Here's our Craving Quest review.

First Impressions

You'll have to download Craving Quest from Erogames (formerly Eroges) because adult games are banned from the Google Play store. It's currently only available on Android.

As soon as you load up this hentai game, you'll be greeted to a loading screen overflowing with adult material. Anime-looked babes showing off their cans, big-tittied bitches bending over and baring it all. Right away, hentai lovers will be hooked.

Craving Quest

Craving Quest runs like your classic roleplaying game. After a short tutorial which shows you the ropes (and a hot hentai chick blowing you), a word of adventure opens up. You assume the role of a character named Jacques, and your allies are Zoe and Achilles. Together, the three of you venture across a place known as Skyland.

The plot of Craving Quest is like a veritable checklist off fantasy and hentai tropes. Basically, a bunch of monsters have overrun this magical land and it's up to you newcomers to defend them. The heroes need to overcome enemies and endgame bosses to save the day, and the whole thing involves a lot of fucking and sucking.

Craving Quest Gameplay

Craving Quest is an open world RPG game like any regular video game. Players are free to roam through these fantastical realms, making friends and battling enemies at their leisure. The story contains a total of 7 chapters. These chapters take the team through different scenes and realms, and these realms then become free for the characters to explore.

While you only begin with three heroes, you will gradually build up more followers as you progress through the stages and build your perfect team. You can then chop and change your trio around in order to adapt to the battles which lie ahead. Each character has their own specialist skills, like attack range and special abilities.

Craving Quest sex scene

The whole point of the game is to build up your team so you have access to the most skills and characters possible.

When it comes to the sex scenes, you don't actually "play" these yourself. The hentai scenes are basically videos that you watch. However, they're all incredibly varied. Different characters engage in different types of sex. It's all very personalized to each character and remains consistent with the plot.

How much does Craving Quest cost?

Craving Quest doesn't require a membership, but it does hide micro-transactions inside the game. However, you don't have to purchase them to play the game in full.

As you progress through the story mode, you'll need to use currency to purchase the necessary skills, abilities and items to overcome various battles. These can be used with the in-game currency, but many of the micro-transactions require a lot of grinding to afford using the in-game money. Therefore, it benefits most players to just pay for it with real cash.

But if you're okay with grinding, you won't have to pull out your credit card if you don't want to.


There are five different gameplay modes in Craving Quest, meaning you don't have to grind through the whole game to see everything. Players who want a shorter experience can do so.

Graphics and artwork are stunning. Just check out the Craving Quest site for a sample of the incredible visuals on offer.

Your trio of heroes all have inviting and wholesome personalities, each of them drastically different. The only thing they have in common is that they're all friends who habor deep sexual fantasies.

Even as a stand-alone video game, Craving Quest works really well. You could take away the overly-sexual heroines, the romance and the hot encounters and still be left with an enjoyable adventure game.

Craving Quest gameplay

Most people don't play porn games for the story, but the storyline in Craving Quest is actually really well done. The way it naturally evolves and seamlessly transitions into sex scenes and incorporates the sexual elements is amazing.

The variety in the girls, monsters and battle scenes are all top notch. Nothing feels recycled. All of the monsters and enemies feel unique and progressively more visually imposing as the game progresses.

Plenty of porn games overlook the importance of player roles in RPG titles. Tanks, healers, mages, melee DPS. However, this game has all of these elements. Each hentai character has their own unique skills and style.

Craving Quest receives regular updates to fix bugs and glitches. Check the Erogames website for recent updates.


Minor gripe, but sometimes the background music is a bit soft. I wished the battle scenes had a bit more oomph to them music-wise.

This one might be a positive to some people, but some of your team member's fantasies will be a bit... tame. Hentai has a reputation for being outlandish and extreme, and while some of the material on offer is incredibly graphic, some of the elements synonymous with hentai are missing.

You can only download Craving Quest for Android via Erogames. It's app only - no website version. The only other viable option is to download an Android emulator for your desktop and play it as though it were a regular site.

Should you play Craving Quest?

Erogames have a reputation for being a very reliable game studio - and they've topped themselves with Craving Quest.

Craving Quest has one of the most engaging plots of any free RPG title I've played. The battle mechanics are like something out of World of Warcraft, and some of the bosses require complex tactics to overcome.

That's not even mentioning the amazingly graphic hentai scenes, the special effects and the quirky voice acting. If Final Fantasy was a porn game, it would be Craving Quest.

4.5/5 Stars.

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Allie Carmel is not only a fan of anime, but a fan of videos games, and of course, a fan of porn. Aren't we all! She's found that hentai games combine all of her favorite things together perfectly, and focuses on reviewing those for Sex Games Report.
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