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Solve CyberPunk's issues with lots more sex.
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Review Pros

  • Great graphics
  • Good storyline
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • Needs powerful PC
  • Some ads
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CyberSlut 2069 Review

Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most anticipated games in recent years. However, as you probably know, its release was plagued with problems. And if you ask me, one of those problems was that it didn't feature enough hardcore fucking.

That's where CyberSlut 2069 comes in. This parody sex game takes Cyberpunk and gives it a much needed kick in the dick. Here's our review of this open world porn game.

First Impressions

First thing's first: sign up. You need to verify your age before you can get going. Make an account, put your credit card info in and you're off to the races.

The next step is to create your character. You have to play as a female, but the customization options you have are incredible. You can create your perfect Cyberslut with whatever features you want. Once that's done, you're thrust onto the streets and slums of Nooky City - a vast metropolis where people are obsessed with power and body enhancements.

The Cyberslut 2069 graphics are insanely good for a browser game. While they don't quite match the standards set by the original video game, it's still mightily impressive. First impressions of Cyberslut 2069 were awesome. It introduces the world, characters and gameplay really well and makes you want to continue.

CyberSlut 2069 Gameplay

Not only is Cyberslut 2069 a sex game, but it also incorporates your classic RPG elements really well. Before the screwing begins, you need to journey out into the big wide of world of Nooky City. You'll meet characters, rack up side quests and get to grips with the games mechanics.

Like most sex games, Cyberslut doesn't need much gaming accumen to play. Almost everything can be done with the mouse. It's a bit like one of those walking simulators like the Vanishing of Ethan Carter. A lot of walking around but not much interactivity.

The game has a pretty detailed story to boot. Players are on the hunt for a certain implant. A prototype chip that grants the wearer the ability to fuck forever. Sure, it sounds pretty corny, but it's layered behind some interesting character motivations and backstories.

Naturally, the sex games soon begin. Once your actions start having an effect on the world, the porn scenes will start to creep in. They're as filthy as you could imagine. No body parts are left untouched, no holes are left un-gaped.

How much does CyberSlut 2069 Cost?

Gamers will be happy to know that CyberSlut 2069 is completely free to play. No hidden costs. No micro-transactions. Once you've created an account, you can enjoy the game to its fullest.


Pro number one is graphics. Given that the game is totally free to play, graphics this good are a blessing.

The open world aspect is truly that - open world. Right away you're given access to every area in the game and you're free to roam them as you see fit. Nothing is level capped or anything like that.

Porn games aren't known for their elaborate plots, but the story in CyberSlut 2069 is totally gripping. The source of the story is chip implant, which everyone wants so they can become the ultimate Cyberslut in the city. It blends techy sci-fi stuff with the world of porn effortlessly.

Nooky City seems to have a life of its own, thanks to the wandering NPCs, the unique buildings and the human dialogue.

Gamers will get that satisfying RPG feel as they upgrade power levels and enhancements. It truly feels like your character updates as you make your way through the game. The decisions you make have an affect on the plot too.

When gamers create an account, they'll also get access to a bunch of affiliated porn video sites and a ton of other games too.

This sex game is totally free to play.


Even though the game is browser based, you'll need a powerful computer and fast internet speed to run it. The sex scenes can be a little laggy if your tech specs aren't up to standard.

Like with most porn games, there's some ads scattered around. Nothing ruins a sex scene more than seeing a pop-up for Chat Roulette.

Should you play CyberSlut 2069?

Yes you should. It's one of the best sex games I've ever played, hands down.

The HD look of things will please anyone who cares about graphics. The explicit sex scenes will get anyone gushing between the thighs, and the multiplayer option lets you get rowdy with a bunch of real-life sex partners. What more could you want from a sex game?

I'm giving CyberSlut 2069 4.5/5 stars. Looking for something else? Check out our other reviews.

About the Author
Adam Castro is a long time gamer and sex games fan. While he's not playing first person shooters, he also likes to play adult games and review them for Sex Games Report. His favorites are the porn parody games.
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