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Review Pros

  • Good graphics
  • Awesome customization
  • Multiplayer mode

Review Cons

  • Few voice actors
  • Limited race options
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Sex Emulator Review

Adult gaming is big business. Over the past few years, there's been a huge rise in porn games and sex simulators, to the point that you can't browse a porn site without seeing an ad for one.

In this review, we're going to be looking at one of the most popular sex simulator games on the market: SexEmulator.

Looking for a virtual sex doll to have fun with? Ready for some immersive adult games with your perfect babe? Read on for our SexEmulator review. Pros, cons. We've got it all.

First Impressions

Sex Emulator doesn't wait around. Unlike some sex games, Sex Emulator doesn't give you any backstory or plot to worry about. Right away, you're greeted with a topless babe awaiting your instructions the first time you log in.

From the home page, you can customize her so that she becomes your ultimate dream girl. The customization options you have immediately available are: hair color, ethnicity, breast size, and skills. More on these later.

Once you've designed your ideal girl, the porn games can begin. From this point, you can choose from a number of acts including anal play, spanking, blowjob and tits play, and your gorgeous woman will abide. She'll also talk to you in an overly-erotic voice.

First impressions were real good. Sex Emulator gets off to a highly sensual start. Graphics are solid, customization is enough to get going, and the emulation looks as realistic as one could expect from a porn game. Voice acting is adequate too.

Sex Emulator's Gameplay

Gameplay might be too ambitious a term for Sex Emulator, since you're not really "playing" as such. The game consists of you giving your girls instructions from the available options.

For example, if you tell her to play with her ass, she'll go "oh, you're an ass man are you?" If you ask her to show you her feet, she'll say "I'd love to feel your tongue between my toes."


Once you've gone through a certain number of actions and made your girls orgasm, more features will open up. However, using any of these new features requires a subscription.

As you level up your Sex Emulator character's level, you'll get access to more kinks, more characters and more customization such as hairstyle and backgrounds (couch, bedroom school gym).

Additionally, a paid subscription to Sex Emulator actually gives you access to a number of other porn games too. There are actually over 400 games in the member's area, live cams, and more. Some of the games include:

It's not just a teaser you'll get, either. Access to all these games is free with a Sex Emulator subscription. If you ever get bored and want something with more complex game play, then these games are waiting.

How much does Sex Emulator cost?

Sex Emulator's not free, but it's relatively cheap for what it provides. For a one-off payment of $20, you can get lifetime access to the game. Considering the other included games, this is an incredible value.

That's all there is to say when it comes to the pricing side of things. Pretty good value, especially in comparison to other porn games.

Benefits of Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator's graphics are as good as one can expect from a porn game. The developers have left no stone unturned when it comes to the physics of the game. Tits and other body parts wobble in a life-like fashion. Pussies contract when a dildo gets shoved inside. It's like characters have been motion-captured from porn videos.

Customization Options

The customization choices in the free version (hair color, ethnicity, breast size, and skills) are good enough to give you a sample of what this porn game offers without giving too much away.

You'll need a credit card to confirm your age. This isn't a positive for you as such, but it helps put your mind at rest if you're worried about your teenage son stumbling across the game.


Other Sex Emulator users sometimes upload their character creations for other people to use. These are updated daily, but the options I had to choose from were Katniss Everdeen, Hermoine Grainger, Taylor Swift, Daenerys Targaryen, Princess Leia and Black Widow.

Multiplayer Mode

Interestingly, Sex Emulator has a very fun multiplayer option. With this, you and some random gamer will be able to virtually fuck each other... kind of. You will basically give each other instructions, and you can decide to indulge them or tease them. It's a bit like mutual masturbation.

Additional Games Included

The addition of the other video games with a subscription is great. Every game is of similar quality to, although some of them fall more under the category of video games than adult sex games. I.e. they involve a little more story and gaming skill.

Some of the included games include Hard Knight Rises, Grand Fuck Auto, and BDSM Discipline. We've also reviewed these other games, and they're all excellent, as any other Sex Emulator review also mentions.

On the same topic, it's also great that these additional videos games cover more niche categories than Sex Emulator, like hentai, BDSM and of course, Batman.

Downsides of Sex Emulator

Our Sex Emulator review can't be complete without discussing any downsides of the game too.

Despite all the customization choices, you can only select from three races: Caucasian, Asian, and African American. It would have been nice to have some Hispanic or Latina options in there.

While the multiplayer mode is fun, chances are you're screwing around with another guy and not some Asian schoolgirl with massive boobs. But if you can suspend disbelief, this isn't an issue.

A personal con for me was that, while the voice acting is really good, it's the same woman voice acting all of the characters. I'd have thought they'd use different people for different nationalities. This might be a bit of a low point if you like to indulge your aural senses while jacking off.

Not an issue for me personally, but other reviews have pointed out that you can't pay for this porn game with PayPal or e-wallets. It's credit card only.

Should you play Sex Emulator?

If you want a more personalized jerk off experience, the babes on Sex Emulator will do just that. It beats watching porn videos and you can customize almost everything to help indulge your personal fantasies.

It's not the most hardcore sex simulator on the market, but if you're the kind of guy who enjoys watching babes tease on webcam, you'll love everything about this porn game.

Overall, I'm ending my Sex Emulator review by giving the game a whopping 4/5 Stars.

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Tommy Spicer has worked in the adult industry as a developer for years, and created Sex Games Report as a place for adult gaming fans to find trustworthy reviews and news about the best porn games. With a lack of good resources for sex games, he put his web dev skills to use to create one.
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