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Hard Knight Rises

Fuck sexy Gotham babes in this parody sex game.
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Review Pros

  • Open world gameplay
  • Great sex scenes
  • Amazing graphics

Review Cons

  • Has a level cap
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Hard Knight Rises Review

Batballs: The Hard Knight Rises features a Gotham City like you've never seen before. While it's rife with villains and thugs, there's a lot more sex going on.

How does it compare to other parody games? Will you die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a weeb? Don your super hero cape and check out our Batballs: The Hard Knight Rises review right here.

First Impressions

After the short registration process, you find yourself on the dank and grimy streets of Gotham City. But instead of being attacked by thugs, you're approached by a semi-naked chick who wants to fuck. I wish the Tim Burton Batman movies started off as good as this.

Batballs: Hard Knight Rises

After some frolicking, the adventure begins. The world of Gotham opens up and players are free to roam. Like all sex games, you'll occasionally you'll run into girls who need a mission completing. Once that's done, that's when the sex begins.

Overall, first impressions were great. The game hooks you from the get go with its graphics and its story.


If you've played the Arkham Knight series of games, you'll know how this game operates. It follows the same sandbox world approach, pulling you between missions as you gradually increase your gear and level.

Some missions are short throwaway jobs that can be done in a few minutes. Other involve some of Batman's major characters. As you can expect, all of the fetishized characters are present; Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, even the Joker and Penguin.

Navigation is a breeze. The sex scenes are simple and the game is a joy to play.


To play the game you'll need to upgrade to VIP Status. This costs a one-off fee of $29.99.


The game really brings the world of Gotham to life. Players are free to roam and it's almost as if the NPCs all live their own little lives. It's very immersive to say the least.

The story is your classic Batman plot. Bad guys do bad things, and hot chicks (often in latex) need saving.

A lot of porn games put emphasis on domination and submission, and the Hard Knight Rises is no exception. The sex content is very domination-based, with Batman obviously assuming the role of aggressor. But if you've ever wanted to see Batman restrain Catwoman and take her in the ass, this game provides.

Hard Knight Rises

The graphics are incredible. Almost indistinguishable from the recent series of Arkham games on PS4 and Xbox One.

There's a multiplayer mode for players who want to have some fun with real people.

Some porn games require a third party download to run - not this one. The game runs in your browser. You don't have to download a thing.

The price, $29.99, isn't bad considering what you're getting for the money.


My only gripe with the Hard Knight Rises is that, like Penguin's cock, it's not long enough. Most porn games have a soft level cap where you can carry on playing afterward, but once you hit max in Hard Knight, the game more or less finishes completely.

Should You Play Hard Knight Rises?

Yes. Batman has long transcended comics and has become an important figure in pop culture. It's only natural that we'd eventually find him in porn games, and the Hard Knight Rises is the best porn game you'll find online.

You don't need even need to be a Batman fan to enjoy the fun on offer. Sex games are great for horny adults regardless of their franchise preferences.

I'm giving BatBalls: Hard Knight Rises a bat-tastic 4.5/5 Stars.

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Adam Castro is a long time gamer and sex games fan. While he's not playing first person shooters, he also likes to play adult games and review them for Sex Games Report. His favorites are the porn parody games.
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