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At Sex Games Report, we find the most popular adult sex games, play them and give our honest opinions on them. We've all seen the ads on porn sites telling you how fast some XXX game is going to make you cum, but are they really that good?

With so much free porn and free porn games on the internet, you might think paying for sex games can't possibly be worth it. With some games, we'd agree, but sex games give a completely different and more in-depth experience than porn videos. Before you play sex games, read our reviews and make sure you aren't wasting time and money.

Meet The Team

Want to know more about Sex Games Report? Let us tell you a little about ourselves.

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Tommy Spicer

Founder / Developer

Hi, I’m Tommy! After working in the adult industry for years, I noticed a lack of reliable information about adult video games on the Internet. I decided to take matters into my own hand. I wanted to build a central place for gamers to play sex games, find reviews, and read the latest sex game news, so I started Sex Games Report. I hope to provide valuable reviews for years to come!

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Adam Castro

Co-founder / Writer

My name’s Adam, and I write for Sex Games Report. I’ve always been a big gamer. I mostly play first person shooters on PC, but porn games are a guilty pleasure of mine, and the porn parody games are my favorite. Tommy and I have been friends for years now, and I loved the idea when he asked me to write for this site.

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Allie Carmel


Hey there! I’m Allie, and I review games for Sex Games Report. I’ve always been a big fan of anime and video games. Everyone likes porn whether they admit it or not, so of course hentai games are perfect for me. I mostly review hentai games, but I’m a fan of all types of sex games. When I'm not reviewing porn games, you can find me on World of Warcraft.

Affiliate Disclosure

When you sign up for some of the games on this site, we may earn a commission. We do our best to give an honest, complete review of each game. Our reviews contain pricing information for each game, so you can know what you're getting into before you sign up.

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If you have any comments, questions, or sex games to suggest we’d love to hear from you! We loving hearing from our visitors. Please feel free to contact us.

Sex Games Report is your source for porn games. Our experts thoroughly test and review all of the most popular XXX adult games that we can possibly find. Our goal is to find out whether or not each game is worth your time or money, so you can find the ones you'll enjoy the most. Whether you're looking for an RPG, shooter, or any genre of sex game, we'll find it and help you decide if it's right for you.