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Drugs, violence, explosions, and of course, lots of sex.
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Review Pros

  • Great graphics
  • Good storyline
  • Great sex scenes

Review Cons

  • Some minor bugs
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NarcosXXX Review

Attention please adult gamers. Today, we're looking at one of the most creative and action-packed adult video games currently available: NarcosXXX.

If you're familiar with the Netflix series Narcos, or whether you Googled the name Pablo Escobar after watching Breaking Bad, you'll get the gist of this porno game pretty quickly.

In this game, you play the part of a drug cartel kingpin responsible for a number of narcotics empires. When the authorities seize your drug labs and slam you behind bars, you fight your way back to freedom. This involves a lot of violence, explosions, and yes, hardcore porn.

So, if you fancy yourself a modern day El Chapo, read on for our detailed NarcosXXX review.

First Impressions

Like all good video games, NarcosXXX gets off to an explosive start. You play the part of a drug lord aptly named "the King of Cocaine" who runs the Medellin Narcos Trafficante Cartel. However, Mr. Cocaine quickly gets arrested by the military, then has to break out of prison.

The whole backstory is explained in a short cut scene, then once you're behind bars, that's when you take control and start unleashing hell.

But before the porn games begin, you have to work your way through a shoot 'em up style game. It's pretty well done, and honestly, first impressions were excellent. The game runs smoothly, the graphics are half decent, and most importantly, it's fun.

NarcosXXX Gameplay

First, you have a choice of three characters to choose from. After you choose your character, you'll have to sign up.

The game kind of feels like an old first person POV shooter from back in the day. The game runs on the popular Unity engine, the same engine favored by most adult games due to its versatility and ease of use.


To control your characters, you'll use the standard WASD system to navigate through the shady world of drug cartels and drug deals, blasting away cartel members and then screwing the girls left behind.

Plot wise, this isn't Grand Theft Auto or Sons of Anarchy. It's pretty out there. This stuff would never happen in real life, but no one plays sex games for the realism.

Now, the most important part - the sex scenes. After you're done slaying your enemies, it's time to do a different kind of slaying. When your character is fucking, you just have to maintain good mouse control. For example, moving your mouse around will speed up your thrusts, or the speed of her oral sex. Very simple.

How much does NarcosXXX cost?

Listen up, because this part is a little weird. A lot of reviews omit this part, because it's kinda confusing.

So, playing Narcos XXX itself is totally free. No freemium stuff or any of that shit. It's a totally free porn game.

However, when you sign up, you'll be given a 2-day free trial to a premium porn sites. After 2 days, your credit card will be charged at $39.95 for a monthly subscription to a bunch of porn networks.

There's also a bonus offer of some free trials to sites on other porn studios too. If you opt for the trial and don't cancel after 10 days, you can be charged up to $90.

I didn't get the subscription package for the purposes of this review since it wasn't necessary.


Excellent graphics, muchos thanks to the Unity engine. It might look a little clunky, but it ensures a smooth running gameplay experience and means you don't need any third party add ons.

Speaking of gameplay, Narcos XXX seamlessly blends the story into sex scenes and back again. It utilizes cut scenes, but brings gameplay into the forefront where it matters.


You don't need hardcore gaming skills to enjoy the game. NarcosXXX is, at its core, an adult game. The shoot 'em up is just a nice little addition to segue into the hardcore fucking.

The storyline is as thick as it needs to be. Most people playing this game just want to bang virtual women. They don't need a Christopher Nolan-esque story to go along with it. Luckily, NarcosXXX knows this and keeps things simple. It explores the relationships between the characters, and it always ends up in sex.

Lastly is the scenery dotted around the game. It hits all of the cliched drug empire locales; brothels, streets, warehouses, some drug dealers mansion house. It really captures that seedy, Mexican, Pablo Escobar kind of vibe.


The game itself doesn't have much wrong with it, but I really disliked the whole subscription process. It's a sneaky little way to get you to pay for a porn site you didn't want to. Also, the bonus content is completely unnecessary.

There's a couple of bugs dotted around the game, mostly in relation to shooting graphics. But this is minor and won't really affect your gameplay other than a slight visual issue.

Before you can get down to some hand-solo action, you'll have to shoot some policia and steal some shipments of drugs. NarcosXXX doesn't get down to hardcore fucking for a few minutes, so it's not like you could just log in and start jacking it right away. Some reviews have noted this as a downside.

Right now, Narcos XXX is only available in beta version. The game you'll play isn't the fully mastered one, so a lot could change in the final version.

Should you play NarcosXXX?

The sex game industry is on fire recently, and it's thanks to highly enjoyable porn games like Narcos XXX.

Playing NarcosXXX is the most fun you can have without lubricant. I'm a pretty big video game nerd, and this sex game really kept me enraptured for my whole playthrough.

Adult entertainment has been at a stalemate for years, but sex games are making porno the new rock and roll again. Narcos XXX is immersive, funny and you'll get to screw whores in ways and locations you never even imagined.

4/5 Stars.

That's our NarcosXXX review. We hope you've found it helpful!

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Adam Castro is a long time gamer and sex games fan. While he's not playing first person shooters, he also likes to play adult games and review them for Sex Games Report. His favorites are the porn parody games.
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