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Puzzles & Panties

Watch lesbian action in this free visual novel.
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  • Sexy girls
  • Simple gameplay
  • Free to play

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  • Only lesbian characters
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Puzzles & Panties Review

Puzzles & Panties is a hentai visual novel available from the Eroges website. The game is super simple and reminds me a lot of Bejeweled (or Candy Crush for you youngsters). It's a free to play PC game that includes enough nudity to keep any hardcore porn fanatics glued to the screen. Here's our Puzzles & Panties review.

First Impressions

Create an account, confirm your age and jump right in. Puzzles & Panties starts off with a nice little story that is as typically hentai as you could ever imagine.

You play the part of a new witch at a magic school. But your teacher is a sex-obsessed lesbian who makes you run a bunch of trials for her sexual pleasure. These trials involve you playing a card game which involves matching elements, the same way Candy Crush works.

As you progress through the story, you'll come up against different bosses who require different strategies to defeat. It's all pretty simple stuff and one based around very simple game mechanics.

The game is very vibrant and colorful, and the women on display are classic, big-tittied hentai girls who are dressed like total whores. Overall, first impressions were pretty great.

Puzzles and Panties Gameplay

As you progress through the story, you come up against various foes. All battles take place within the card game screen. For those not familiar with it, you're presented with a 6x5 square, and every square has one 'element' inside. You manouver these elements around and when you get a row of three, the power of those elements is activated.

Different color elements have different powers. For example, red attacks your opponent with fire, while pink heals you. Blue attacks with water, while yellow uses electricity. Different opponents will have different weaknesses, so you'll need to focus on the elements that will damage them most.

But players also need to be mindful of their card collection. Before you can use a particular attack type, you need to have the corresponding card. Cards are accrued via regular gameplay.

Puzzles & Panties is mostly told through a visual novel format, so you'll be doing a hell of a lot of reading. For a game of this style, the visual novel format works exceptionally well.

After battles are over, that's when the adult material starts to creep in. You'll often be rewarded in the form of hardcore sex scenes, all of which is lesbian in nature.

As well as cards, there's also Heart Stones to utilize. These improve your battle abilities and help you best some of the more challenging boses.

How much does Puzzles and Panties cost?

Puzzles & Panties is completely free to play. You can play it via the Eroges website today.

You'll need to create an account via the website before you can play. However, when you do, you'll receive access to several other free games, porn videos and adult content.


Visual novel games always have very basic stories, and Puzzles & Panties is no different. It's your typical hentai craziness, but it's a very simple story to follow.

The characters are hot as hell. All of these tidy young bitches are sex-crazed maniacs and the sex scenes definitely reflect this.

While the gameplay is limited, it's more than enough for what the devs are trying to achieve. This isn't supposed to be some open-world masterpiece. It's a simple game with enough hentai material to keep perverts happy. It definitely delivers.

The addition of the cards during battles adds a nice layer of difficult to it. Candy Crush-inspired games are always super easy to complete, but properly utilizing cards takes a bit of gaming skill to pull off.

You don't have to hand over any money to play the game. There are no micro-transactions too. You can purchase upgrades using the in-game currency but that's it.

When it comes to cards and Heart Stones, there's a fusion/upgrade system that allows you to combine them to create more powerful effects. Think enchanting or alchemy in any other RPG game.

The game is available from the Eroges website for both PC and mobile device. You will need to confirm your age by creating an account on the website.


Since all the characters are lesbians, all of the porn content is girl-on-girl. You won't find any cocks in here. Players who don't like lesbian material will be disappointed.

There are ads dotted around the website. This is always the case with free porn games, but it doesn't stop it being annoying as hell.

Should you play Puzzles and Panties?

Yes, everyone should play Puzzles & Panties. It's the definition of fun. It's super easy to get the hang of and it isn't a complete time-sink. It's easy to dip in and out whenever you want and it doesn't take an age to complete.

If you're a PC gamer and you want a break from Dragon Age Inquisition, Puzzles & Panties is the perfect antidote.

I'm giving Puzzles & Panties an excellent 4/5 stars.

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