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Fuck sexy hentai babes in this visual novel.
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Review Pros

  • Perfect artwork
  • Hilarious dialogue
  • Great voice acting

Review Cons

  • Translation mistakes
  • Limited choices
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OppaiCafe Review

Developed by Ammolite, OppaiCafe is a hentai visual novel available for Android platforms through Eroges.

The game is exactly what you'd expect from a hentai game of this caliber; professional, kinky and a tiny bit incestual. Here's our Oppai Cafe review.

First Impressions

Oppai Cafe looks like a million dollars. The first thing you'll see is some striking artwork featuring young anime chicks with massive cans. The story gets underway immediately, and boy is it a strange one.

It goes like this: you're a young boy named Kazuki. Your family run a Japanese cafe, but business is bad. Therefore, your father decided to rebrand the business by using sex to attract more customers. He's decided to dress his wife and daughter up like whores.

Your step-mother and step-sister now dance around in revealing outfits, teasing customers with their hot bodies and puffy nipples. Meanwhile, young Kazuki struggles to conceal his boner as he leers at his family members. It's a tale as old as time.

Oppai Cafe Gameplay

Gameplay is very limited to say the least. Oppai Cafe is a visual novel, meaning there's no action, no game mechanics, nothing like that. It's basically reading material but with a few choices and some sex-hungry girls to back it up.

All you have to do is click through the story, and at pivotol moments you'll get to make a choice. All of these choices involve choosing either your step-mother or step-sister to have sex with. That's as deep as the plot goes.

OppaiCafe gameplay

Things get a little more fleshed out further down the line. It turns out there's a new French restaurant down the corner with hot women serving and there's where your father got the idea. There's also a little bit of conflict later on when your dad discovers his son is fucking his wife and daughter.

The game is very short. Most people will be finished within a couple of hours. There's a possibility of three different endings, and they all involve a threesome with your mother and sister.


You'll need to purchase Oppai Cafe at a one-off payment of $18.60 to play it. There's currently no free trial available to potential customers.


Sex games aren't known for their realism, but even I had to suspend disbelief for this one. Regardless, the story doesn't take itself too seriously and constantly acknowledges modern porn cliches like "what are you doing step-bro!?"

The artwork is as perfect as hentai imagery comes. All of the characters have unique appearances, even the background characters in the cafe. On the same note, the scenic backgrounds and also very rich and detailed.

OppaiCafe sex scene

The dialogue between the characters, especially from your mother, is nothing short of hilarious.

There's some fantastic voice acting in the game. The woman who plays the role of your sister could be ripped straight from a high quality anime. She nails the teenage inflections just perfect.


The game has been translated into English from Japanese, so there's a couple of obvious mistakes in there. However, it's not a big deal.

Oppai Cafe is very short and the choices are limited - even for a visual novel. It's pretty much just like reading a book, especially as all the choices lead you to the same destination.

Should You Play OppaiCafe?

If a lack of gameplay isn't a problem for you, you'll love Oppai Cafe. Personally, I think visual novels make fantastic games because they require little effort to play. As far as visual novels go, this is one of the most outlandish and comedic games I've played in a long time.

But since most adults out there prefer more immersive, challenging games, I'm going to have to knock a few points off.

Therefore, I'm giving Oppai Cafe a reasonable 3.5/5 Stars.

About the Author
Allie Carmel is not only a fan of anime, but a fan of videos games, and of course, a fan of porn. Aren't we all! She's found that hentai games combine all of her favorite things together perfectly, and focuses on reviewing those for Sex Games Report.
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