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Lust of the Apartment Wives

Bang sexy hentai babes in this visual novel.
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Review Pros

  • Outstanding graphics
  • Great voice acting
  • Great sex scenes

Review Cons

  • Simple plot
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Lust of the Apartment Wives Review

Lust of the Apartment Wives is a visual hentai novel developed by UmeSoft and released in February 2020. The game is available for multiple platforms, including Windows PC and Mac.

Hentai games are always a fabulous experience, and Lust of the Apartment Wives is no different. Read on for our detailed review.

First Impressions

The game costs $14.99 and can be purchased via Steam or Eroges. Once you've bought it and created an account, this anime-inspired porn romp gets off to an explosive start.

The game begins in a small apartment complex. The "type that might exist anywhere." The protagonist is a grocery deliveryman who's polite demeanor and pleasant smile have awarded him a bit of celebrity status around the complex.

But his smile is not as innocent as it seems, because our character has an ulterior motive...Sampling some of these finely aged apartment wives.

Kaori is one such wife, a MILF brimming with mature sexuality. Then there's Ryoko, pretty plain looking but with a hidden lust bubbling under the surface. And Mayumi, still nursing her newborn child and with a very-eye-popping cleavage. Their husbands can no longer satisfy these lusty women, so it's up to you to finish the job.

Animation is incredible and barely a minute goes by without another sex scene rearing its head. The game is fast-paced and visually beautiful, and while the story is thin, it's your typical hentai tale.

Lust of the Apartment Wives Gameplay

As with all visual novel platforms, gameplay is quite limited. You basically just have to click through dialogue options until these finely-aged apartment wives succumb to your sexual advances.

There's enough dialogue to keep you immersed, and all of the characters have their own quirks and interests. Ryoko, the housewife, isn't as innocent as it seems and has a penchant for ass play. Even though Mayumi is still nursing her newborn child, she's a total cheating sex addict.

The main character is a total sleazeball, but he's incredibly witty and funny. You basically know next-to-nothing about the protagonist, other than he's a grocery deliveryman with a "polite demeanor and pleasant smile." He doesn't like chicks his own age, either. He has a hidden lust bubbling with mature sexuality.

There's really not many challenges to be had in the game, and sotryline is pretty thin. The sex scenes come thick and fast with barely any time to pull your pants back on. If you're the sort of person who just wants to get down to the nitty gritty, you'll love the game's fast-paced nature.

The artwork in the game is as detailed as you'd expect from any hentai visual novel. But unlike a lot of adult games, the focus here is mainly on more mature women, so they've been drawn to reflect their older nature. You'll find a bit more cellulite and a few unshaven vaginas. But this just helps add to the game's realism.

How much does Lust of the Apartment Wives Cost?

Lust of the Apartment Wives costs $14.99 and be downloaded from Steam or Eroges. The game is played entirely in your browser so you don't have to concern yourself with extensive system requirements.


The graphics are outstanding, and they kind of remind me of 2010-era anime.

Every character is wonderfully voice acted and each one has recognizable tone and inflections. I always find games that pay attention to the voice acting get better results than those who don't.

The backgrounds are beautifully rendered, from the streets to the small apartment complex.

The music fits the scenes. A lot of adult games don't put much thought into their soundtracks, but LotAW makes the effort.

You can control the action during sex scenes. For example, as you're about to fuck Kaori, you'll be presented with multiple options. Aim for the vagina? Go for the asshole? A lot of platforms don't let you do this.

Some nice little plot twists to keep the story interesting. Maybe Kaori, Ryomo and Mayuki aren't as innocent as it seems themselves.

The game is available on multiple platforms. Windows, MAC and mobile platforms too.


The plot is overly simple. Visual novel platforms allow for outlandish, ridiculous concepts but LotAW goes for the classic 'husbands can no longer satisfy their sex-starved wives' route. The 'bit of celebrity' trope is also a cheap way to make the protagonist be desirable.

Some of these finely-aged apartment wives give in to our sweet-talking protagonist way too easy. For example, Mayumi is a childhood friend of the main character so you'd think there'd be some backstory or resistance there. Not quite. Mayumi blows our grocery deliveryman all around the complex without a second thought.

Should you play Lust of the Apartment Wives?

Absolutely. If you're the sort of guy who likes to see mature babes cheating on their husbands, Lust of the Apartment Wives will put a smile on your face.

The owners have gone all in on the hardcore action with this title, so if you're just clicking through dialogue to get to the sex scenes, you won't have to work very hard here. The characters are likable, the MILFs are sexy and the animation is as close to realistic as any hentai games could pull off. If it was a little more difficult, it would be a must-play game.

I'm giving Lust of the Apartment Wives 3.5/5 stars. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our other reviews.

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