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  • Alluring story
  • Great artwork
  • Few ads

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  • Limited gameplay
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Cross x Love Review

There's a porn game for every niche nowadays, whether it's BDSM, cuckolding, or in the case of Cross x Love, crossdressing.

That's right. This hentai-inspired visual novel takes the porn game genre into an entirely new genre and territory. But how does it stack up in such a competitive gaming environment? Here's our Cross Love review.

First Impressions

To get started with Cross Love, you'll have to go through an age verification check. You'll need to provide your credit card details to prove you're over 18 years of age. It's understandable as there's a lot of adult material and alternative lifestyles presented throughout the Cross Love story.

"Charming, pretty and... a guy!?" - that's the tagline for this new visual novel from Nutaku Studios.

Cross X Love

Hentai games always have the most outlandish plots, and Cross Love is no different. So, it begins with this young guy, Yuu, 18 years old, who falls asleep reading some pretty intense hentai porn one day. When he wakes up the next morning, he can't find his school uniform. So, he goes to schol wearing his sister's clothes.

As this boy makes his way around school, people start treating him like a girl - even his best friend, Kiriya, starts to wonder where the hell Yuu has gotten to.

Quite an interesting plot, and one that definitely draws you in. Is there something supernatural going on? Has Yuu really become a girl just by dressing in different clothes? Was he ever a boy to begin with? Sure, there are variations of this plot in tons of other hentai games, but this is the only crossdressing-based game.

Cross X Love Gameplay

Cross Love is a visual novel, so gameplay isn't its strong suit. In fact, the only real aspect of the games you actually 'play' is choosing dialogue options when communicating with other characters.

However, there's a lot more going on than just the gameplay. While the animation is mostly in 2D, it's still a pretty visually impressive game. The graphics are as good as you can expect from a desktop visual novel.

Cross X Love

As you progress through the scenes, characters reveal their true feelings and thoughts towards each other. Yuu and Kiriya make a few mistakes of their own and end up getting involved in some naughty hijinx. This results in some seriously hot sex scenes between the two.

How much does Cross X Love cost?

Cross Love works differently to other games. Instead of paying a one-off fee to purchase the game in full, you need download it episode by episode.

Each episode costs $4.99 to download.

As of February 2021, only Ep 1 is available to download. You can download it through the Eroges site.


The story is very alluring. It starts off about a guy wearing his sister's clothes one day, and ends up being a story of love and finding ones inner self.

Only ep 1 is available at the moment, but I'm dying to get see how our guy Yuu gets on in the next installment.

The animation and 2D models are fantastically rendered. No details have been spared, particularly during the sex scenes. There are also visual clues dotted throughout the game too, like broken hearts, red eyes, etc.

Cross X Love sex scene

The crossdressing is only a minor component of the game. It's serves as a vehicle to explore the teenage boy-girl relationship.

Very few ads dotted throughout the game - something which Nutaku Games do really well.

The download is only a small file - 344mb. It won't take up much Windows space.

The developer, Nutaku Studios, is a reputable developer with plenty of great hentai games in its collection. If you can't get enough googly eyes and oversized breasts, check out their catalogue of games.


If you're looking for a game with immersive gameplay, you won't find it here - or with any visual novel. Visual novels are more like videos that you occasionally press "play" on.

Some of the dialogue has been translated from Japanese, so it's not in perfect English. You'll occasionally find broken sentences like "my sister only has hearts for me" and other confusing lines.

The tagline for Cross Love is "charming, pretty and... a guy!?" - call me overly modern, but this seems a little sexist? Gender-phobic? I'm not sure of the PC term, but surely in the today's world of sexual fluidity they could find something less offensive to tag the game with.

Cross Love isn't available for many platforms. It's only available for Windows at the moment.

Should you play Cross X Love?

If you like games you don't have to put much effort into, or if you love graphic hentai scenes - yes, download this game immediately. You'll love Cross Love.

But if your preferences are a little more inclined towards actual gameplay, you might find Cross Love a little bit mundane. It's the equivalent of reading a book.

I'm giving this game, Cross Love an average 3/5 Stars.

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