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Cartoon Sex Games Review

Love cartoons? Love sex games? Then this is the page for you. Right here we've got reviews of the best cartoon sex games you'll find anywhere online.

From adventure adult games to visual novels and many more, we guarantee there'll be something in this collection that will get the blood pumping. You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy the games we've got on offer here. Adult games are fun to play whether you've got balls that need emptying or whether you're just bored at work. Some are quick plays that you can finish in an hour, some will keep you busy throughout the weekend.

These cartoon sex games cover a broad range of categories. Several have hentai themes, some are parody games, some are compilation games which combine elements from a host of different genres. You'll find all that and more right here.

Some places will let you play their porn games for free while others might ask for a small fee. It all depends on the website in question. However, we'll be sure to mention how much each game costs in our correlating review. We'll also let you know if the game is compatible with Android or iOS browsers.

What Are Cartoon Sex Games?

Cartoon sex games offer a distinct art style throughout their game play. They're not super realistic, nor do they boast that hentai-inspired artwork. Think more like the Simpsons series of games. Think young adult games (although these titles definitely aren't for young people!).

Additionally, cartoon sex games are less complex than your average porn games. The themes are more simple and straightforward. Unlike famous titles like Call of Booty or Grand Fuck Auto, they rarely involve gritty, in-depth story tags. They're quirky, kitsch and involve lots of crude, animated images.

If you're someone whose spent many an hour watching porn videos,you've probably seen a little cartoon porn by accident. You always see them in the sidebars of porn sites, usually involving some one of the chicks from the Simpsons enjoying a little dick action. Cartoon sex games are basically extended versions of these videos, only you get to control the action.

A lot of the games involve taboo themes like incest and fetish play. The games all feature gorgeous characters, perfectly rendered in the image of their original version. You'll find hot college girls dressed in uniform, cartoon MILFs with massive tits and very recognizable franchise characters.

Why Play Cartoon Sex Games?

Let's be honest, we've all had that fantasy of fucking a cartoon character. We're not just talking about Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin, either. Ever wanted to unzip that latex outfit off Cat Woman? What about giving Misty from Pokemon a nice golden shower? Spank Peach in Bowser's castle? What about those slutty bitches running around Final Fantary and World of Warcraft? Ever wanted to have your wicked way with a girl like that?

With cartoon sex games, you can do all of that a hell of a lot more. There are so many parody games available that pretty much any well-known cartoon women you can think will be available for a thorough fucking or two. All you have to do is track down the relevant porn game and make it happen.

Better still, is that it doesn't just stop at the human babes either. What about those sexy female monsters Zelda, or that slutty redhead god from Final Fantasy? She's guaranteed to have a pussy full of surprises, and cartoon sex games will let you get her on the business end of your cock.

There's something incredibly enjoyable about violating your cartoon favorites. Who hasn't dreamt of watching Micky Mouse get put in his place by a raging dong? Who hasn't wanted to spank Jessica Rabbit until her ass turns red raw? There's a whole range of adventure to be had with cartoon sex games.

Try These Cartoon Sex Games Now

Porn just doesn't cut it anymore. Pornstars are out, sex games are in. They've got everything you could want for a truly immersive, erotic experience. You can be a hardcore gamer or a hardcore porn lover and you'll find more enjoyable content than you could ever need.

We've endeavored to give legit, honest reviews of these games to help you decide which one suits your tastes. We play all of these games in full and report back our findings to help weed out the duds and highlight the gold.

Every game we review is available to play in your browser. Nothing needs to be installed on your computer, so you don't have to worry about malware or being sent to prison for downloading illegal porn. Grab a cartoon sex game from the links in our reviews and treat yourself to the masturbation session you deserve.

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Tommy Spicer has worked in the adult industry as a developer for years, and created Sex Games Report as a place for adult gaming fans to find trustworthy reviews and news about the best porn games. With a lack of good resources for sex games, he put his web dev skills to use to create one.
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