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Have crazy sex in this multiplayer sex sim.
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Review Pros

  • Great graphics
  • VR Support
  • Includes Additional Games

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  • Cheesy sound effects
  • Multiplayer only
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3DXChat Review

3DXChat is a new multiplayer 3D sex game which utilizes an MMO game approach. The developer behind the title, Sex Game Devil, already have a huge library of sex games to their name, most of which have been very well received.

Does 3DXChat live up to the precedent set by the other 3D sex games? Will it get you hard and horny? Here's our 3DXChat review.

3DXChat: First Impressions

Holy moly, the graphics in this game are absolutely outstanding. This is the first thing that will grab your attention, because it's so lifelike it's almost like watching a porn video. Game play aside, 3DX Chat is worth it for the 3D graphics alone.

There's no option to play the game for free, so players have to sign up for membership straight away. For the purposes of this review, that's exactly what I did.

Once you're in, the first point of call is to create your avatar. Avatars can be chosen from pre-selected characters or can be randomized if you wish. But most players will want to create their own character to go around boning with.

The customization options are vast. From face type to body features and much more. Once you've made your avatar, you can jump into this virtual world of adult entertainment.

My first impressions of 3DXChat were really good. It really captures people and draws them into this adult MMO universe with its mind-blowing realism and strong sense of community.

3DXChat Gameplay and Features

Your sex adventures begin in your apartment. Every player is given two apartments, and the concept of the game is to entice other players into your home so you can bang the shit out of them. Pretty simple plot, we're sure you'll agree.

While 3DXChat is billed as a "virtual sex MMO" game, the MMO aspect of the game seems a little bit lacking. As you wonder around this 3D virtual world, you'll find it's actually quite a small place. When I think MMO, I think huge, sprawling worlds full of life and quests. That's not really the case here.

There's a few public areas you can visit such as a nightclub, beach and "Sin Club." These are where you'll meet the majority of other gamers. There's also a few chat rooms you can join to build up rapport with other users.

Once you've made a connection with someone, you can invite them to your and get down to some nasty ass fucking. The sex scenes is where the game really shines, but it's almost indistinguishable from watching real life porn movies. Nothing is left to the imagination, and the types of sex play on offer cover everything from vanilla stuff to hardcore fetishes.

For those people with VR headsets, you're able to throw one on and immerse yourself in 3DXChat's virtual environment. The game is fully compatible with the Oculus Rift and the virtual vibrator VStroker. It's as close to real life sex as you'll get from any adult game.

How much does 3DX Chat cost?

There are three membership options available. These are Standard, Silver and Gold. Here's what you can expect to pay:

  • Standard: 1 Month - $19.99
  • Silver: 6 Months - $59.99
  • Gold: 12 months - $91.99

Purchase any membership fee and you'll get a few add ons too. You get access to all of Sex Game Devil's older games. These are: Night Party, Venus Hostage, Juliet Sex Session, Anal Masters and Nemo's Whores.

There's also in the in-game currency XGold which can be purchased for real world money. However, it can also be acquired via progressing through the game. You can't purchase a membership with XGold, only in-game items.


Graphics. For a virtual reality sex game, you expect the devs to go above and beyond. However, the guys behind 3DXChat have really gone all out. It's almost like watching CGI in a Hollywood film it's that damn good.

The reason behind the incredible graphics is that the devs used motion capture animations on real people to get authenticity for the sex positions, sex poses and whatever else. In fact, they didn't just use real people, they used professional porn actors. So, when you're riding that bitch doggy style, you're actually seeing animation taken from Johnny Sins pounding Brooklyn Chase.

You can customize your avatar to the nth degree. There's a whole variety of customization options, including body shape, eye color, breast size, clothing and skin tone just to name a few. Avatars are some of the most customizable of any adult game I've ever played.

Virtual reality. 3DXChat is very much VR compatible. You can connect the Oculus Rift to the game and enjoy an immersive VR world.

More amazing still, the VR capabilities don't end with Oculus Rift. You can actually hook up the VR-vibrator VStroker so that you'll be able to actually get physical stimulation from the dirty sex acts.

The home editor is as extensive as the character customization options.

3DXChat game is only available on Windows PC at the moment. There's no app version of the game for mobile devices as of yet.

Customer support is available for those who need it. Most sex games suck when it comes to custome support, but 3DX Chat is a breath of fresh air.

There's a friends list available to add any players who you strike up a rapport with.

Access to a bunch of Sex Game Devil's other games. They're offering a package deal on all of their games. Free stuff is always a bonus.


Virtual gifts. Using XGold, the in-game currency, you can purchase "gifts" to help budding relationships flourish. I hate gifts as they're always just a way to get users to spend money.

Some of the sound effects and voice acting is a little corny. The voice acting in particular is very limited. It reminds me of the Elder Scrolls Oblivion how the same person voiced everything.

The lack of many public areas to visit. Sure, there are a ton of user rooms in the game, but the best part of MMO games is hanging around the busy towns and meeting other real-life adults. In 3DXChat, there's only really the night club, sin club and beach to hit up.

In general, 3DX Chat game play is a little limited. If you're more of a loner type and you want to keep your sex chats between you and a bot, you won't get much out of this game. It's solely a multiplayer virtual sex game. There's no real story or missions for people playing solo.

Most players are based in the US and Canada, so time zones can be an issue. If you're in Europe, you're not gonna find many people playing during your day time since they'll all be asleep.

Should you play 3DxChat?

Yes, you absolutely should play 3DXChat, if not only for the sensational graphics and immersive sex scenes.

3DX Chat has a lot to love, and if you want to indulge in some nasty fetish play with other adults in a virtual environment, you'll love this game. When enhanced by the VR capabilities, it's one of the most pleasurable virtual sex games you'll ever pick up.

But if you're more of a single-player gamer, you might find 3DX Chat falls a little short. But still, if you've got some fantasies you don't mind sharing with a few strangers over VR, this game will make you explode.

That's my 3DX Chat review. I'm giving this game 4/5 Stars.

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