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Chathouse 3D

Have virtual sex in the massive multiplayer online game.
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Review Pros

  • Amazing customization
  • Great graphics
  • Voyeur option

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  • Limited sexuality options
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Chathouse 3D Review

Chathouse 3D Roulette is a new virtual sex game (also known as a MMOVSG) from developer Thrixxx. It puts a lot of emphasis on personalization and customization in order to create a compelling virtual sex experience.

In this article, we're going to cover everything you need to know. Here's our Chathouse 3D review.

First Impressions

All sex simulation games start in a similar way; create an avatar and customize them to suit your visual preferences. Chathouse 3D is no different, however, the customization options on offer are insane.

You can personalize everything about your characters, including main aspects like gender, appearance and outfits, right up to particular poses, fantasies and favourite positions.

Better yet, you can sample a portion of the game without handing over any money, although access is limited.

Chathouse 3D Gameplay

Remember Chat Roulette? It was a chat room where strangers were paired together, mostly to have cyber-sex. Chathouse 3D is the modern equivalent of that.

Chathouse 3D has two gameplay options; single player or multiplayer, although both work in a similar fashion.

The object of the game is to personalize everything about your character; environment, personas, sexual desires to entice users into your world of seduction. Once other players (or NPCS) join you, you can engage in some hardcore sex or fetish play.

That's the entire Chathouse 3D experience in a nutshell. It sounds barebones, but it's exactly what it needs to be.

How much does Chathouse 3D Cost?

You can sample the game for free, but you'll need to provide credit card info for age verification.

A full subscription costs $9.99.


The extent to which you can customize your avatar goes well above what other sex games offer. You can cater them to look like whoever you want; a celebrity, a superhero your ex-partner, etc. Your character's clothing is customizable with user-generated content, as well as packs from the developer including gothic or fetish gear.

The graphics and animations are more than anyone could ask for from a browser game. It's not exactly PS5 quality but it does the job.

The virtual sex in Charthouse 3d goes beyond being... well, virtual. The game is compatible with the interactive sex toy Vstroker, which is basically a fleshlight which other players can control. It can also be connected to the Oculus Rift for some VR fun.

Thrixxx, the devs behind the game have an open forum for its fans to join called 3D Sexvilla 2. It's a place to chat with other players, meet new friends and consume some adult content.

One lovely little feature is the 'voyeur' option. These are like animated porn videos. You can turn this option on to have other players watch your fuck sessions. Alternatively, you can watch other people's sessions too.

Achievements. These are a nice little addition for any completest out there.

Friend requests. Played with some fuck partners who you wanna play with again? Add them to your friends list.


This will probably come as no surprise, but the userbase on Chat is very penis-heavy. The guy-to-girl ratio is very one-sided. Chances are your friends list will be full of dudes pretending to be chicks.

Not many sexuality options on here. Most sessions, at least from the voyeur feature, is guy-on-girl boning.

Should you play Chathouse 3D?

Absolutely. Chathouse 3D is an immersive experience and one of the most versatile sex games in the world. When combined with virtual strokers, the game becomes something else entirely. Thrixxx have gone above and beyond to provide its user base with a revolutionary new style of video game.

Word of warning though. Once you get into the stride, it's hard to stop! I'm giving Chathouse 3D 4/5 Stars.

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