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Zombie Heat

Fuck sexy chicks in this zombie sex game.
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Review Pros

  • Easy game mechanics
  • Graphic sex scenes
  • Immersive world

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  • No multiplayer
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Zombie Heat Review

If you thought you were gonna go your whole life without seeing two male zombies shove their bony dicks inside some young woman, think again. The devs behind Zombie Heat have made sure that anyone who opens up this porn game sees exactly that.

Zombie Heat is what Resident Evil would be if you took out all the boring cutscenes and replaced them with zombies fucking each other. If that sounds up your alley, we've reviewed this sex game so you can decide whether or not you want to pick it up for yourself. Here's our Zombie Heat review.

First Impressions

Porn games are all about the explicit imagery, but I'm not lying when I say Zombie Heat fucks you in the eyes right from the get go. The first thing you'll see is some pretty grim looking zombies thrusting their skinless cocks into some screaming girl. Yeah, that'll get your attention.

Call me old fashioned, but that's exactly what I want from my sex games. With so many sex games on the market, it's difficult for any game to stand out regardless of how good the graphics and gameplay are. But Zombie Heat somehow manages to be arresting, arousing and disgusting all at once.

Once you register for an account and confirm your age, the game kicks off and you're thrust into this world of men, monsters and masturbation. First impressions were great. I couldn't wait to get lost in the story.

Zombie Heat Gameplay

Zombie Heat isn't just a sex simulator. Far from it. It's actually got plenty of gameplay features that will keep you busy for hours on end.

The game begins in a forest and teaches you the game mechanics. It's a bit like Resident Evil regarding the controls. You can move around, attack and strafe. Your attacks consist of shooting zombies right in the fucking head, like all good survival horror games.

Soon you learn the story of why this world is infested with zombies. Basically, the earth has just endured an apocalypse via some kind of virus (sounds familiar), and the only thing that remains are hot girls and freakish creatures. You play the role of a young hero (the sole male survivor) and it's up to you to restore the planet to its pre-zombies glory. For whatever reason, this involves a ton of extreme sex. Who said porn games had to be realistic?

While the graphics aren't as polished as some other sex games, the crude animation adds to the games creepy horror vibes.

After you progress through the story, you'll be rewarded with various sex acts from the girls you've saved. Sometimes, you'll have to endure the sights of some young girl getting ploughed by nasty ass zombies, but it's quite an experience to say the least.

How much does Zombie Heat cost?

Full access to Zombie Heat costs $19.99. Not a bad price considering all of the nasty material you get to enjoy. You'll also get access to a number of other sex games too.


Game mechanics are easier than a drunk girl on prom night. You can use either the mouse or PC keyboard to move and shoot.

Despite the name, it's not just zombies who are trying to rape you in this game. There's a whole host of demonic mother fuckers, including ogres, werewolves and robots who want to fuck the hero in the ass.

The world feels immersive and takes on a life of its own. It's not some barren world which feels like you're just waiting for the next cutscene to trigger. The world is populated by monsters and female beauties which you can interact with outside of the main plot.

The sex scenes in the game are insanely graphic. I've seen plenty of extreme material during my work as a porn games reviewer, but some of the sex in here will make your stomach churn.

While Zombies Heat isn't a parody game as such, it does make reference to loads of famous games via the creatures, objects, items and story. There's also a mission to find book pages which I think is a reference to the Alan Wake games.

$19.99 isn't a bad price at all. Most sex games hover around the $30 mark so this is a nice change. You also get a bunch of other games, not all of which are related to zombies. You'll also get e-mail notifications when new sex games become available.

Credit card info is necessary to prove you're over 18. Parents of teenagers can feel reassured.


Graphics are a bit on the lacklustre side. It looks like one of those horror games on the original Xbox from back in the day.

There's not many memorable human characters. It's basically you, some nameless hot girls and loads of undead bastards.

No multiplayer content. Weird cult games like this always have the best communities, but alas, no Zombie Heat community exists just yet.

Should you play Zombie Heat?

Hell yes. Whether you like shooting zombies or fucking zombies in the ass, you'll love this game. The sex games market is oversatured, yet Zombie Heat manages to stand out like a dick at a lesbian orgy.

If you've got a PC, you need to get your hands on this masterful piece of work. I guarantee you won't touch any other games until you've clocked this one in full.

I'm giving Zombie Heat a rating of 4.5/5 stars.

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