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Design your ultimate fantasy girl and fuck her silly.
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Review Pros

  • Exceptional realism
  • Endless customization
  • Variety of characters

Review Cons

  • No real story
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Sex Simulator Review

Everyone has their fantasies. Some people want a threesome, some people want to nail their boss, and some people want to design their perfect partner in a sex simulation game and fuck their virtual brains out.

We can't help you with the first two, but Sex Simulator can help you with the latter. In this sex game, you can create your ideal woman and assume the role of a porn director as you watch her get slammed from every angle.

Porn games are the hottest thing at the minute, and there's a lot of high quality competition out there. How does Sex Simulator compare to the rest? Read on for our Sex Simulator review.

First Impressions

Sex Simulator opens the way all good sex games do, with a few teasers of what the players can expect. There's some bass-heavy industrial music going on while a few sample videos play on the screen. As you can expect, you're treated to some highly explicit action.

Select a few boxes, like your desired sexual tastes (hardcore, roleplay, submissive) and your gender, email and sexual orientation. To get started in the game, you'll have to provide credit card information for age verification. You won't be charged anything.

Once that's done, the Sex Simulator experience begins. The first thing that hit me was the number of options there were in regards to fantasies, sex positions and character choices. The graphics were as good as any sex game I've ever played too.

Top marks all round for first impressions. Easy to get going, visually striking and free.

Sex Simulator Gameplay

Your first point of call is to create your ultimate fantasy girl. The amount of personalization options is like something from the most intensive RPG games. You can adjust everything, from hair color to face shape to hands size.

Additionally, characters have particular stats. For example, if you increase the 'anal' stat, your girl will be more inclined to play with her ass during sex. If you max out the 'tits' stat, she'll be more inclined to grope herself and so forth.

Sex Simulator gameplay

Once you've designed your character, you can expose her to whatever hot experiences you desire. There's nothing off limits when it comesto the sex scenes. BDSM, anal, spanking, double penetration - there's a whole world of kinkiness to explore.

If you're hoping for an immersive storyline, you'll be disappointed. SexSimulator is exactly that; a simulator. No story, no plot. Just hot visuals which you can control in full.

Pricing Details

Sex Simulator is completely free. While you have to hand over your credit card information you don't have to spend any money to enjoy the game.

There are some features which can be unlocked but these are mandatory.


The realism on display is exceptional. Everything is high quality and the devs have paid attention to the small details. If you squint your eyes, you'd struggle to tell the difference between this game and a porn video.

Customization is seemingly endless, with new outfits and features being added to the game regularly. The number of costumes on offer run into the hundreds; nurse, secretary, pilot, pirate - you name it, it's on here.

The fucking scenes are next level. The number of kinks and dirty acts you can choose from will blow away even the most experienced kinkster.

SexSimulator isn't just about guy-on-girl action. There's a whole host of different characters and genders and identity who you can all mingle together. You can have guys fucking each other, girls fucking each other and even some trans action.


The backgrounds and scenery make for a more visually impressive game. You can fuck indoors, outdoors, in dungeons, on park benches, in night clubs - everywhere. You can also important new backgrounds which other users have created.

One nice little feature is that players can upload their character creations for other users to enjoy. Most of these tend to involve celebrities, famous porn stars, etc. On the side of the screen, there's a section where you can import the top 4 picks of the day. At the time of this review, I had Lindsay Lohan, Catwoman, Gal Gadot and a bald Britney Spears.

Every character is voice acted, and theyr'e acted with the kind of gusto and enthusiasm you'd expect from an adult game. The ladies sound like your typical addicted-to-cock bimbos.

You don't have to download any software to run Sex Simulator on your PC. It's all done via the website in your browser.


The lack of a free play experience is a bit of a downer. Most game series let you have a little sample play to get a taste of the site but there's nothing like that on here.

SexSimulator has no real story running through it, so there's no incentive to continue playing once you've bust your nut. It's very easy to X off the site and not come back.

I know said the voice acting was good (and it is), but there's only one voice actor per gender. So, a blonde bimbo will speak the same as a sassy black chick. That breaks the immersion a little bit. Likewise, it's the same voice for the trans people too.

The music in Sex Simulator is a bit crap. It's the same tinny beat on loop the entire time you're on the site. Worse yet, you can't mute it without muting the chick's voices too.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for something which goes beyond porn videos to a more personalized experience, Sex Simulator is the site for you. This has fast become on of my favorites and this was review was a total joy to write. That says a lot about this site.

You don't have to be a fan of games to enjoy Sex Simulator. If you're a fan of HD quality porn and want to try something different, this site is the answer to your prayers.

I'm giving this website a hearty 4/5 Stars.

About the Author
Tommy Spicer has worked in the adult industry as a developer for years, and created Sex Games Report as a place for adult gaming fans to find trustworthy reviews and news about the best porn games. With a lack of good resources for sex games, he put his web dev skills to use to create one.
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