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Live out your porn fantasies in this step family sex sim.
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Review Pros

  • Lots of customization
  • Detailed sex scenes
  • Varied positions

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  • Limited selection of women
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Family Simulation Review

If you've watched any porn in the past few years, you'll know that incest is very much in right now. Apparently, every young guy in the world wants to fuck his step-mom and every step-mom wants it just as bad. And don't even get us started on step-sisters.

So, if this incestual behavior has dripped over into your own perversions, then Family Simulation is here to help you indulge this fantasy. Reviews for this game have been mixed, so we're here to test it for ourselves.

Head on over to the Family Sex Games site now and start making inappropriate advances towards your family members. Here's our Family Sex Simulator review.

First Impressions

You'll need to make an account over at Family Sex Games before you can get going, but this only take a few minutes. Once you've purchased a subscription, you can jump right in.

Since this is a sex simulator, it's all about the customization. There's no real story as such running through the game, but you do have different objectives depending on who you're fucking. First you choose who you want to play as; the step-dad or the young son. You can customize their appearances however you wish.

If you choose the dad character, you can only fuck the young daughter. If you choose the son, you can fuck both your mom and sister. It all depends on your personal fantasies. As the dad, you'll also get to spank your daughter and put her in her place. Perfect for anyone who likes a little domination in their sex games.

Graphics are decent enough and the while the gameplay is minimal, you can control the sex scenes to the nth degree, which is exactly what you want from a sex game of this ilk. Overall, first impressions were excellent.

Step Family Simulation Gameplay

There isn't any exploring or adventuring in Family Sex Simulator. You just choose your character and start fucking your family members. Outside of each episode's objectives, there are no plot lines to really concern yourself with.

You can customize your characters however you want, including the characters that you're going to be fucking. You can't change their gender but you can alter everything from body type, hair color and tits size right up to ass and pussy tightness.

As soon as you're happy with your characters, the hardcore action begins. First you'll begin with the vanilla stuff, which is your basic in-and-out style fucking, maybe with a little clitoris stimulation thrown in for good measure. Once you're familiar with the mechanics, the game gets little heavier.

The sex scenes range from normal sex to fetish play, extreme domination and digustingly explicit activities. Nothing is off the menu. Butt fucking, tit fucking, toe sucking, dirty talk, anal creampies and even family gangbangs. Best of all, everything is controlled by you. You use the mouse to select exactly what you want to do in order to make the other person scream in pleasure.

As far as gameplay goes, that's pretty much it for this family simulator. There are a few other options available, like choosing outfits, positions and general appearances. But outside of the sex, there's not much else taking place.

How much does Step Family Simulation Cost?

The game costs $39.95 per month to play in full. However, there's a 2-day free trial for anyone who wants to sample the full game before committing to purchasing. You'll also get access to several other taboo games in the same series too.


Lots of customization. You can basically recreate your own family with the amount of choice available. Everything from physical appearance to mannerisms to outfits.

In addition to the incredibly detailed sex scenes, there's also plenty of kinky play to appease those folks who like a little fetish action with their incest. Sometimes, the dad has to give his daughter a firm hand against her pert little backside.

The game actually makes an effort to imply you have a relationship with the people you're fucking. For example, if you're playing as the father and you're spanking the daughter, he'll continually tell her how she needs to get to her room once you're done.

A lot of family porn just mentions that you're related and nothing else. This is particularly true for incest porn videos.

The developers have gone all out when it comes to the positions and hardcore action. Sometimes it feels like you're watching porn videos rather than playing a step family porn game.

You can play this incest game over at the Family Sex Games site. It's all played within your browser.

There are varied locations to fuck your family members. Your bedroom, parents bedroom, garden, basement, public areas, etc.

No ads.


The graphics aren't amazing. They're a bit blocky, especially compared to other family porn games.

A lack of women to fuck. You're only really having sex with your mother or step-sister / step-daughter. It would be nice if they extended it to more people like your aunt.

Along the same lines, there's no opportunities for gay incest. Some people would love to see a little father-on-brother action.

Even for a niche RPG sex game, $39.95 per month is a lot to swallow. Porn games don't really come more expensive than this.

Like most adult games, difficulty level is pretty low. In fact, it's not really a game as such. You certainly don't have to be a master gamer to complete it.

There's not much story to the game.

Some reviews have mentioned there's a few bugs once you progress further in the game.

Should you play this Family Sex Simulator?

Got some incest fantasies you want to indulge? Then yes, you should definitely pick up this title.

But if you're just looking for a standard sex game and you're not concerned about the incest element, then you're probably better off loking elsewhere. While Family Sex Simulator is perfect for some incest gaming entertainment, it's not the be-all and end-all of porn games.

We hope you've enjoyed our Step Family Simulation review. I'm giving this porn game 3/5 stars.

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