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  • Ads on the website
  • Lack of categories
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DeskBabes Review

DeskBabes is a desktop stripper site much like iStripper and Virtuagirl, but one which puts the emphasis on lesbian action.

All of the girls on DeskBabes love nothing more than putting on a show for you, and if you're a fan of two ladies licking and fingering each other, this site will make your dreams come true.

But how does Desk Babes stack up against all of the other adult sites the world over? Here's our review.

First Impressions

If you're familiar with iStripper, you'll already know the basics of DeskBabes. The whole format is more or less identical, it's just the action that's a little different. While iStripper is less about sex and more about teasing, DeskBabes involves women getting down and dirty with each other.

You don't need to sign up to Deskbabes before getting down to business, since it's more of a porn site than a porn game. However, you will need to sign up later if you want to see these beauties get more hardcore.

There are two ways to consume Deskbabes content. You can view these girls in browser, or you can download the sotware to your desktop.

Since I was already familiar with iStripper and Virtuagirl, getting to grips with DeskBabes was like slipping on an old pair of shoes. Simple and familiar. First impressions were great.

Desk Babes Features

Think of an adult website populated entirely with lesbians - and all the action can be transposed to your desktop. That's essentially the entire premise of DeskBabes.

To begin with, you'll see a long list of women, some names of which you might be familiar with. These includes professional models, pornstars, amateur adult workers and even a professional dancer or two.

How DeskBabes work is: you choose one of these models from the list and you're free to view their videos in your browser or desktop. But these aren't your regular HD porn videos. These babes get down and dirty against a transparent green screen, meaning their antics can be migrated to your desktop so it's like they're dancing against your personal background.

Although backgrounds can be customized. You can choose from a list of where you want to see these women have fun; strip clubs, parks, bedrooms, parties, etc.

But Desk Babes has one stand out feature which sets it apart from other stripper sites. All of the women involve themselves in lesbian action.

That's right, it's entirely about the girl-on-girl love in these shows. Every collection you watch will feature lesbian porn in one way or another.

How much Does Deskbabes cost?

DeskBabes doesn't utilize the subscription model. Instead, you pay individually for access to a certain collection. It costs $4.99 to purchase each collection.

Once you've paid the $4.99, you will get access to that model's shows forever. Every new show which gets updated will be available to watch.


You can view non-nude HD content for free. You can get a sample of the girls on here before committing, and you get to see them strut around in lingerie and heels. A great incentive.

The sheer number of beauties available on Desk Babes is the stuff dreams are made of. To hardcore porn fans, plenty of these blondes and brunettes will look familiar. There are some big name adult sex stars on here.

Along the same lines, some of the chicks on here aren't known for their lesbian activity. For example, Lexi Belle and Viola Bailey are both on here, and both usually exclusively have sex with men. But on DeskBabes, they're happy to indulge in a few female partners too.

Desk Babes is available for both mobile and desktop.

Not sure if this is a pro or a con, but having these beauties show off their figures on your desktop can be very distracting. Don't expect to get much work done when you have these models getting raunchy.

But with that said, there are lots of customization options available for desktop use. Instead of having these beauties run amok across your desktop, you can have them in a small window in the corner so as not to constantly grab your attention.

Regular updates. DeskBabes is as active as any HD porn site. Babes are constantly uploading new videos.

You can leave comments for the women on here too. Some of the more amateur stars actually read the comments too.

Enough search functions to keep you busy, although it's keyword-only. Blonde, brunette, Asian, etc.

Only HD content all round. If it's not HD, it isn't allowed on here.


A lack of categories to choose from. Basically, you just have to pick a couple of chicks and wait to see what they do to each other. It would be nice to be able to filter down to the specific sex acts.

There's a lot of ads dotted around the site, but this isn't an issue when you're watching on desktop.

If you're watching on the software or site version, the music can be distracting. It's your classic generic mid-tempo stripper beat.

You can't search HD videos by anything other than model name or characteristic (blonde, brunette, lingerie, etc). It would be nice to be search by popularity to find the ones with the most views.

Should you play Deskbabes?

Yes, there's no reason not to enjoy this lesbian-based desktop stripper site today. With amazing HD content, a vast collection of women and regular updates, this is the stuff of dreams if you're a lover of woman-on-woman action.

Liven up your desktop activity with DeskBabes today. Just don't expect to get any work done.

I'm giving Desk Babes 4/5 Stars.

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