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Play cards and bang sexy girls.
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  • Free to play
  • Sexy girls
  • Works on phones

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  • No real plot
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Strip Poker Review

Everyone knows strip poker. It's one of the most popular adult games in the world, usually played by horny students and swingers who want to find any excuse to take their clothes off.

Therefore, it's a surprise that it's taken so long for strip poker to make its way into the world of porn games. But now, Free Adult Games has filled this void with their Strip Poker porn title.

But does it work as a porn game? How does it compare to other adult games? Are you better off just playing strip poker for real? Here's our poker game review and rating.

First Impressions

You'll first need to register on Free Adult Games and confirm your age, then you can start stripping and pokering with hundreds of virtual babes. Things kick off right away. With strip games, there's no story or anything like that. You just get right down to business straight away.

First pick which poker game you want to play. There's Texas Hold 'Em, Black Jack, Billiards and Two Of A Kind. Don't know how to play any of them? Luckily there's a quick tutorial for all of the available strip games.

The next step is to choose your number of opponents. You can play poker against a total of 5 different characters, a combination of guys and girls if you wish. Or you can have all women if you want to maximize your opportunity of seeing some action (or all men if you want to go full gay).

Everything seemed fine so far, but my problem was that I didn't have a fucking clue how to play poker, let alone strip poker. But despite my amateurishness, I still managed to pull off a full house and shitloads of other poker combinations pretty quickly, much to my relief. So, first impressions were damn good.

Strip Poker Gameplay

All of the poker games are turn-based, meaning you can take as long as you want to play your cards. You can use either the mouse or keyboard (or a combination of both) to play your poker hand.

When you win a hand, the losing opponent needs to remove one item of clothing. If you're playing against multiple opponents, the player with the worst poker combination gets undressed. Once one opponent loses all their clothes, that's when the fucking starts.

There's no rhyme or reason to the sex part of the game. A girl gets naked and you're free to fuck her. I'm not sure if that's how it works in real adult poker games but I'm not complaining.

The sex is fully controllable by the player. It's not just some boring ass cutscene you have to watch. You control the dick, the positions, and even where the cum gets blasted, and that's exactly what porno games should be about in my book. There's plenty of titty fucking, vagina pounding, back door action and any combination of the above.

Playing the poker games is quite easy, and seems to rely more on random number generation than any kind of skill. Like I said, I barely know my billiard balls from my royal flushes but I still got to see more tit than a dairy farm. I basically just clicked around through the poker cards until I got the highest cards possible. Aces and Kings are good right? Just shoot for them and you'll be rolling in the money.

When it comes to the characters, these girls are hotter than a two dollar pistol. They're exactly the kind of girls you'd expect to play strip poker in a seedy back office; big tittied whores, trashy sluts, bimbo blondes.

Interestingly, you have the option to important famous franchise characters from games like Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Borderlands as opponents too. Ever wanted to play strip poker against Misty? Now you can.

How much does Strip Poker cost?

Strip Poker doesn't cost a thing. It's a totally free sex game.

To access the game you'll need to provide your credit card info but you won't be charged. When you sign up, you'll get access to the whole Strip Poker collection of games.


The tutorials really help you get to grips with the game rules. It tells you the best poker combinations, the meanings of

The girl characters act like total sluts throughout the sex games. They'll tease you with their jiggling tits as they undress and giggle when they have to remove their pants.

Like Pokemon? Or Final Fantasy? Or any famous Japanese franchise? Well, one funky little feature is that you can import characters from these games to be your opponents.

The art is excellent. All of the characters, backgrounds, cards deck and sex scenes are super high quality.

You don't really need to understand Poker or Black Jack games to play the game. Sure, knowing which cards are the best is probably advantageous, but you can just click cards randomly and easily win games. The only game I struggled to get the hang of was the billiard table game. In this one, you have to swap out billiard balls for poker cards or something. If you get a low card, you spend your billiard balls to exchange it. Yeah, no idea.

When you sign up for an account, you get access to some other adult cards games too. Likewise, you don't have to spend any money to enjoy these sex games either. These titles include: Strapon Duel, Red Light District, World Caza Rozzo, Cowboys Rule, and some other poker combination games.

Want to play poker on your phone? No problem. You can play all the Free Adult Games titles through the site on PC, tablet or smartphones.

Strip Poker is totally free. You don't need deep pockets to play it.


There's not much of a plot going on. I know sex games like this don't really need one, but it would be nice if there was something to propel you to continue playing.

Lack of diversity in the sex. I don't mean that none of the chicks are Asian or German, I mean it's only one-on-one sex you can have. Don't be expecting a threesome, orgy or any combination thereof.

Like most XXX games, the music is pretty basic. It's very one-note.

Should you play Strip Poker?

Even if you're not a poker fan, you'll find something in Strip Poker to shoot your load too. The combination of erotic visuals, wild babes and sexy scenarios will be enough to please anyone.

The additional XXX games you'll get to play are worth registering for alone. If Strip Poker isn't your thing, there'll undoubtedly be some card games you'll enjoy in the package.

But if you are a poker fan, you'll have the time of your life right here. I'm giving Strip Poker a rating of 4/5 stars.

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