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Red Bed Seduction

Fuck sexy babes in this open word adventure game.
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Review Pros

  • Easy signup
  • Realistic sex scenes
  • Open world gameplay

Review Cons

  • Signup is required
  • Not very challenging
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Red Bed Seduction Review

Red Dead Redemption is perhaps the most popular open-world series in the modern gaming age. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before a parody game along.

Enter Red Bed Seduction, an XXX game featuring all the trappings of Red Dead Redemption but with a lot more sex. Should you play this game? Read our Red Bed Seduction review to find out.

First Impressions

Like most sex games, you'll have to create an account before you can jump in to the world Red Bed Seduction. This requires basic details like name, email address and credit card details. Once that's done, the adventure begins.

Red Bed Seduction

Much like the original Red Dead Redemption, you play the part of John, a wild west rogue on the hunt for action. But this time, the action involves a lot less gunslinging and a lot more cum slinging. The storyline is similar and features much of the same people.

Overall, great first impressions of Red Bed Seduction. It's exactly what you'd want from a parody game.


Red Bed Seduction is a free roam world much like the original. The graphics are similar-ish but not to the extent of the console game. The storyline does its best to follow the original, but it deviates quite a bit when the sex gets introduced.

Roaming between out-posts is easy. Navigation is done using the WASD keypad, and then there's a different style when the sex scenes begin. But still, navigation is simple here too.

Many of the characters from Red Dead Redemption make an appearance, including John's wife Abigail and hot the little ranch girl Bonnie.


To play Red Bed Seduction you'll need to sign up for the membership. This costs $19.99 and lasts a lifetime. There is currently no free version of the game available.


Registration takes a few minutes. Name, email address, verification. Done.

Getting to fuck people from the original game is a huge plus. Bonnie, the fiery ranch girl was a particular fan favorite, and in this version she's a total fuck slut who loves it in the back door.

Red Bed Seduction

Navigation through the open world is a breeze. Even when not fucking various holes, it's nice to take in the impressive surroundings and enjoy the scenario.

Realism in the sex scenes. Red Bed Seduction is a sex game at its core, and the devs have put their heart and soul into making sure every cock, pussy and asshole moves in a lifelike manner.

Some reviews have slammed the graphics, but by all accounts, the developers have worked with what they've got. Browser games can't match the processing power of gaming PCs or consoles.


You have to sign up and purchase a membership straight away. You can't get a sample of Red Bed Seduction before committing.

For experienced players, Red Bed Seduction might be a little too easy. Whether you're shooting bad guys or riding Abigail into the frontier, there's not much challenge to the game.

Final Thoughts

Red Bed Seduction is a nifty little porn game that gamers of all levels will enjoy. It's well-designed, it's funny and it will definitely get you off.

You don't need to be a fan of the original game to enjoy Red Bed Seduction. Hell, you don't even need to care about the wild west. But if you want to ride cowgirls and take maids in the ass, Red Bed Seduction delivers.

Keyboard in one hand, dick in the other. You'll love Red Bed Seduction. I'm giving this game a solid 3.5/5 Stars.

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Adam Castro is a long time gamer and sex games fan. While he's not playing first person shooters, he also likes to play adult games and review them for Sex Games Report. His favorites are the porn parody games.
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