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Rebuild the world and while banging sexy babes.
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Review Pros

  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Detailed sex scenes
  • Includes 5 games

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  • Low level cap
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Apexxx Legends Review

Apex Legends is a battle royale shoot 'em up game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Having only arrived in 2021, it's already one of the most purchased titles in recent history.

As with any game of this caliber, there's an Apex Legends parody game already on the scene. Enter Apexxx Legends, a new parody game available through the Play Amazing Porn Games site.

But how does Apexxx Legends stack up against other porn parody games on the market? Is it just a good pun? Or is it a rousing gaming experience which can rival the big bads like Grand Fuck Auto and Hard Knight Rises? Here's our review.

First Impressions

So Apexxx Legends isn't just one game. It's actually 5 different porn games under the Apexxx Legends banner. Three of them are sex simulators based around the canon Apex Legends characters. One of them is baiscally a collection of hentai comics inspired by Apex Legends art and characters. The real meat of the games is found in Apexxx Legends solo campaign.

First you'll select your sexual preferences and confirm you're over the age of 18. Once that's done, select which of the games you want to play. For the purposes of this review, we're going to look mostly at the solo campaign since it offers the most in-depth gameplay of all the available games.

The game begins in the after-effects of an epic battle. There are bodies lying dead across a vast wasteland, and you seem to be the only survivor. As you begin to navigate your surroundings, you find a few enemies that need dispatching, as well as a few new friends.

Graphics wise, the game resembles the original Apex Legends uncannily. If you compared the two games side by side, it would be difficult to tell which one was which.

After picking up a few missions, I got to grips with the mechanics and the story, while it was a little simplistic, was immersive enough. First impressions were pretty good.

Apexxx Legends Gameplay

You control your character like any first-person POV shooter. You can move around with either the mouse or the keyboard depending on your preference. The movement is smooth and lag is non-existent.

Game mechanics are as simple as it comes. Move, strafe and shoot. There's an auto-lock when it comes to shooting enemies so you don't have to be a master gamer to make any headway in the story.

For a browser porn game, the graphics are outstanding. All of the characters, textures and backgrounds are rendered in painstaking detail, many of which appear to be entirely modelled from things in the original Apex Legends.

There's a very barebones story to get lost in. Basically, it's your character's responsibility to rebuild the war-torn world. There are bad guys who want to continue with destruction and good guys who want to get things back to normal (sounds pretty familiar if you're reading this in 2021). Some of the scenes have voice overs to narrate the story a little better.

When it comes to the sex scenes, that's where this Apex Legends porn title really shines. Ocassionally during missions you'll be rewarded with some extreme sex from various people. You don't control the sex scenes as such, they're basically videos, but nothing is left to the imagination. It's all incredibly detailed and outright nasty.

How much does Apexxx Legends cost?

Access to all 5 Apex Legends porn games costs $40.

In addition to the 5 Apex Legends porn games, there are two additional games currently in development under the Apex Legends Games banner. These should be available mid-2021 and will be included in the $40 price.


The gameplay is massively enjoyable, even if the difficulty levels are on the lower side. Even if you're not here for the porn parody aspect, you'll have a lot of fun blowing the shit out of enemies.

Sex scenes are incredibly detailed and stimulating. Nothing is overlooked. There's plenty of tit sucking, anal gaping and creampied pussies to keep even the most perverted gamers happy. All of the fucking scenes are in crystal clear HD too.

While the story is quite thin, almost everything is a parody of the original game. This includes story aspects, items and even dialogue. It's almost as if porn filters have been placed over the top of the original Apex Legends.

The 4 additional Apex Legends games you get alongside the solo campaign all have their own appeal. They are mostly sex simulators, but still ones which parody Apex characters. In these games, you can control the sex action unlike in the solo missions.

The comic book drawings which are included will appeal to any fans who love seeing famous Franchise characters fuck other characters in increasingly perverted ways. Rule 34 is most certainly invoked here.

The whole game can be played via the the Play Amazing Porn Games website.


Despite the multiplayer option, there's not much community spirit going on. Usually, adult games have fan forums or Discord servers to meet other players. That's not the case here.

The fact you can't control the sex action is a little bit meh. In most porn parody games, the whole idea of controlling some franchise character butt-fucking people is the biggest appeal.

Some reviews have pointed out that the level cap is pretty easy to reach. I haven't got there myself, but given there's not much challenge to the game, I can see it being true.

Should you play Apexxx Legends?

This game is exactly what you should expect from an Apex Legends parody. It's got a great shooter / fantasy hybrid style along with some of the filthiest sex action you'll find outside of extreme porn videos. As far as adult games go, it's one of the best parody titles currently available.

The additional porn games which are available with the $40 pricetag is the cherry on top. That's why I'm giving Apex Legends Games user rating 4/5 stars.

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Adam Castro is a long time gamer and sex games fan. While he's not playing first person shooters, he also likes to play adult games and review them for Sex Games Report. His favorites are the porn parody games.
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